Discover Bank’s Discover More Card just got even better. Aside from their usual benefits, it’s also packing up on some holiday bonuses. Below are some of the great extra perks offered by Discover More Card.

$150 Bonus Cash Back Bonus

That’s right, you can get an extra $150 as soon as you spend your first $1,000 on the card within the first 90 days. This can be attained through Cash back.

5% Cash back on Rotating Categories

A cash back promotion of 5% is one of the highest being offered by credit cards. This cash back amount is rotated in various categories such as groceries, gas, entertainment and more. Below is the schedule for each category:

* October – December 2011 – Restaurants and Fashion
* January – March 2012- Gas and Entertainment
* April – June 2012 – Restaurants and Movies
* July – September 2012 – Summer Fun and Gas
* October – December 2012 – Holiday Shopping

Although October – December 2012 sounds really enticing, for now we can perhaps treat our loved ones for a special pre Christmas dinner while also enjoying 5% cash back on fashion items for the women in our lives. However, if these aren’t enough holiday perks for you, there’s more that the card has to give.

Double Cash Back Bonus

This holiday season, Discover More is offering a double cash back bonus on all products bought in within this billing period. Plus there’s also an exclusive 5-20% cash back on Discover’s exclusive online shopping mall. That’s more choices for you if you’re doing your last minute Christmas shopping.

The Usual Perks

And of course let’s not forget what makes Discover More such an ideal credit card. There’s the 0% Introductory APR for the first 6 months, 0% Introductory Balance Transfer for another 6 months followed by a 10.99 to 20.99% variable APR to follow depending on credit worthiness. There’s also a $0 Annual Fee.

You can apply for the card online within minutes, plus you can get a response within 60 seconds. That’s how fast their service is. Discover Bank has been known for offering great credit cards to their consumers, and it’s not hard to jump into the band wagon because of all the extra things they have to offer especially this holiday season.

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