Flagstar CD Rates – Great 6 and 12 month Options

Flagstar CD RatesFlagstar Direct is offering some pretty competitive nation wide 6 month and 12 month CD Rates.

Flagstar CDs are FDIC insured and the rate will remain locked the entirety of the term.

Flagstar CD Rates:

  • 6 Month – 1.25% apy – $500 Minimum Deposit
  • 12 Month – 1.55% apy – $500 Minimum Deposit

Certain fees will be applied to your CD for early withdraw. Those fees are as follows:

  • 6 Months — A fee equal to 30 days of interest, whether the interest is earned or unearned.
  • 12 Months — A fee equal to 180 days of interest, whether the interest is earned or unearned.

Other important disclosures:

  • No additional funds after opening may be deposited before maturity.
  • You may withdraw interest any time during the term after the interest is credited to your account.
  • Visit Flagstar CD Rates page here for more information.

Why open a Certificate of Deposit?

When opening a CD with Flagstar, or other financial institutions, you are putting your money in a low-risk investment with a guaranteed competitive rate. Your money remains secure in a CD.  Placing your money in volatile investments or low interest savings accounts can be risky and less rewarding.  Investing in a CD is quick easy and you will always reap a reward.

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Highest 3 Year CD Rates Yield 3.0% APY – November 2009

You may find it hard to find a 3 year CD rate above the 3.0% APY mark. Nationwide we have found the top 36 month CD rates coming from either credit unions or national banks instead of local banks.

Flagstar Bank has a 3 year CD yielding 3.0% APY. The minimum deposit is $500 to receive this rate from Flagstar. If you look at Flagstar’s current rates, their 30 month CDs are yielding 2.16% but if you jump up 6 months to their 36 month CD, you will yield a more lucrative rate of 3.0% APY. On their site you will have to enter your zip code before getting the interest rate in your area. After doing a few zip codes from major cities, we have found that the 3 year CD rate of 3.0% APY is common to most locations.

Alliant Credit Union has the same 3 year CD rate of 3.0% APY but comes with some strict requirements for eligibility. To be eligible for this 3 year CD rate you must deposit atleast $50,000 and fit into the following requirements:

  • live or work in the following Chicagoland communities: Arlington Heights, Bensenville, Des Plaines, Elk Grove, Elmhurst, Franklin Park, Harwood Heights, Itasca, Mount Prospect, Northlake, Niles, Norridge, Park Ridge, Prospect Heights, River Grove, Rolling Meadows, Rosemont, Schiller Park, Wood Dale and Chicago O’Hare Airport property.
  • Any person related by blood or law to an existing member.
  • Domestic partners of unmarried members.

If you cannot meet the minimum requirements for their 3 year CD rate, you can still earn the high CD rate of 2.85% APY.

CD rates are time sensitive in nature so please view the date of this article for interest rate accuracy. If you know of better 3 year CD rates then please let us know.