Citibank’s Basic Checking Account Promotion: Avoiding Monthly Fees

There are many individuals who want to open checking accounts but they are hesitant to do it due to the monthly or annual fees. Everything today has fees thus many people would look for a bank or company that would offer affordable and sometimes no fees at all. One of the banks that people can consider is Citibank. Many are familiar with this bank because it is one of the biggest and well-known banks all throughout the world.

Citibank’s services vary within the scope of their financial institution. They cater to all financial needs which make them a good company for people to go to. It is very important to select Citibank especially for those who really need the right financial solutions or needs. One of the services they offer is the checking account.They even have wide varieties or selection of the checking accounts that they can apply for.

One of the checking accounts people can choose from is Citibank’s basic checking. They even have a promotion with this account regarding monthly fees. When holders of the checking account will be able to make a direct deposit and a bill payment for the month then there will be no monthly fees. Another option for holders to avoid such fees is to keep and make a $1,500 balance combined with basic checking. This is how easy it is for holders or account owners to save money by avoiding monthly fees.

For those who cannot keep up with the promotion then they will have to pay $10 for the monthly fees and the maintaining balance of the checking account is $1,500. To those who are interested then they can apply and open their own checking accounts because there is no opening deposit. So for those who want the simple kind of account then they should try out for Citibank’s basic checking account.

Get Up To $400 in Gift Cards with Citibank Citigold Checking Account

With the holidays drawing nearer, banking promotions also abound and it’s up to you to decide which promotion fits your holiday needs the most. Right now, Flushing Savings Bank is giving away gifts such as iPads and TV’s, but if you want to have more choices, then a $400 gift card from Citibank should do the trick.

The Promotion

Citibank can help you go on your holiday shopping spree, allowing you to buy gifts for your family, friends and yourself of course, with their Citigold Checking Account. All you have to do is open an eligible Citibank checking account and you can get as much as $400 in gift cards. Here’s what you need to do:

Step One: Open a Citigold Checking Account
Step Two: Enroll the checking account in Citi Thank You Rewards
Step Three: Complete one direct deposit and one electronic bill payment for two consecutive months within 45 days of account opening.

There are two accounts that you can choose from. The Citigold Account can give you as much as 40,000 Thank You points redeemable for $400 in gift cards. the Citibank account can offer 20,000 Thank You points redeemable for $200 in gift cards.

Citibank Checking Benefits

Some benefits from Citibank includes over 29,000 fee free ATMs nationwide, free online bills payment from Citibank online, free mobile banking with Citibank mobile and Citibank for iPad. And finally, no monthly fees for debit card usage.

Some Fine Print

Qualifying bills payment include those using Citibank online, Citi Mobile, and Citiphone Banking. A bill paid making a transfer between payments and linked accounts within Citibank and Citibank affiliates does not qualify as a bill payment for this offer.

About Citibank

Citibank opened its doors as far back as 1812 with already $2 million in capital. Today it stands as one of the nations largest and strongest banks.

Citibank is one of the most stable banks in America, and it also offers great rates and rewards for its depositors. If you’re thinking about opening a checking account, Citibank’s Citigold account with rewards up to $400 may just be the account to open for the holidays.