Secured Citibank Credit Card Review – Build Credit

Citibank is offering a secured credit card (plus 18 month Certificate of Deposit) created to help you build credit.

Start using the new Citi Forward® Card and earn a .25% APR reduction when you use your credit wisely.

Many people looking to build credit either have no credit or have very poor credit and need a card that is easy to qualify for.

Citibank says that this card is simple to qualify for, which means if you qualify you can use it as a tool to help rebuild your credit.

Keep in mind that just owning the Secured Citibank credit card will not build good credit.  It is your spending habits and actions that will determine how your credit ends up.

Here are some details of this offer:

  • There is an annual fee of $29.00
  • Purchase APR: 18.24% Variable
  • Balance Transfer APR: N/A
  • $0 Liability on unauthorized charges
  • You may become eligible for an unsecured Citi® Platinum Select® MasterCard® After 18 months
  • Credit limit based on CD deposit (see below)

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How the Credit Card + Certificate of Deposit work.

You are allowed to deposit $200 up to $5,000 into a CD (Certificate of Deposit). Your credit card limit then becomes equal to the amount of money in your CD. Your credit card account information will be reported to the three main credit bureaus plus you’ll earn money with your CD.

To get more information and see the fine print go here.

Help Build Your Credit with the Horizon Gold Card

Are you looking for a great way to start building your credit?

Do you need a credit card even though you have poor credit?

The Gold Card from Horizon is a simple and effective way of getting a credit card with bad credit or no credit at all.  They offer instant guaranteed approval so will qualify for this credit card.

The card has a $500 dollar limit and reports to all of the credit bureaus.

This card can help you build credit and help you reach a stronger financial state.  Look at these benefits.

Building solid credit is important for your financial future.  Without good credit you may be turned down when trying to purchase a car, a house or even something like a new bed.

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If you have poor credit or no credit at all it can seem impossible to qualify for a credit card.  A card like this one will help you build credit to prove you are a good borrower and you will soon be able to qualify for better credit cards.

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Do not plan on using this credit card long term.  It is meant to be a card that will help you build credit so you can move on.  Be sure to make all your payments on time and do not let the balance of the card exceed 30% of the maximum amount you can borrow.  Following these to rules will help you build credit and not hurt your credit.