Aurora Bank is currently holding the top position when it comes to 6 month CD’s. With a 1.00% APY, it has beaten the usual top contender which is AloStar Bank of Commerce which is at 0.90%. Aside from that, it also gives the highest rate for 24 month or 2 year CDs, making it a great place to safely invest your money.

Aurora Bank also offers other CD terms that offer competitive rates. With the current status of the economy, more and more investors are looking towards certificates of deposits as a safe haven for their money. Although these investors are more focused on capital preservation rather than growth, placing their money in the highest earning CD will allow them to hit two birds in one stone.

Other CD Rates from Aurora Bank are as follows:

6 month CD – 1.00% APY (Highest of all 6 month CDs)
12 month CD – 1.160% APY
18 months CD – 1.240% APY
24 month CD – 1.350% APY (Highest of all 2 year CDs)
36 month CD – 1.570% APY
48 month CD – 1.780% APY
60 month CD – 2.100% APY

Aside from attaining the top spot for 6 month and 2 year CDs, Aurora Bank is also doing fairly well when it comes to the other CD rates. The current top contender for 1 year CD’s is Sallie Mae at 1.20%, which shows that Aurora Bank’s rate isn’t too far behind.

The top contender for 5 year CD’s is First Internet Bank of Indiana at 2.20%. Although Aurora Bank’s rate is relatively lower, it is still much higher than the national average which is going at 1.31%.

Aurora Bank has its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware and has been in business for 85 years. Today, it delivers its service to over 320,000 customers. Aside from CD rates, they also offer a wide range of banking services from personal needs to business affairs. The bank is also a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank System and deposits are insured to the maximum amount allowed by the FDIC.