online bank cd ratesThis past weekend was the first time in three months that no bank failures where announced, while the number of closed banks for this year is currently set at 98 failed banks. While skipping a week of no bank failures is a welcome reprieve as the FDIC is still feeling the strain of the cost of the 98 current failed banks. When a week goes by that a bank does not fail, it’s a big help to the FDIC and the funds available for the banks that will be failing in the future.

Is this a foretaste of better things that are coming? You cannot come to that conclusion just yet, while the larger banks are trying to build back their assets as the economy slowly gets better, the banks that are “too small to survive” will eventually have to close shop within the next few years causing more bank failures.

While the country is still looking forward to a best case scenario ending, we cannot help but wonder how this will affect the country’s savers. People who have lost so much not only in the stock market and real estate markets but also trying to save money and invest into CDs becomes harder. With such low interest rates you might wonder, what’s the point?

For those who have been diligently saving up, there are still options when looking for competitive CD rates than just going to your local bank. As more and more banks come online, banks that are in ‘healthy’ economies are able to offer even better than average or local rates. The best CD rates this week come from online banks. Here is the full list:

6 month CD Rates

Ascencia is offering the highest 6 month CD at 1.76% APY. According to bankrate the national 6 month cd average is sitting at 1.29% APY. Another short-term investment comes from Everbank’s Yield Pledge Money Market Account which still guarantees 2.51% APY for the first three months.

12 Month CD Rates

Last week Umbrella Bank was offering a 12 month cd rate of 2.15% but currently dropped their rate down to 2.02%. What you lose from Umbrella Bank you can make up with Amboy Direct and ING Direct this week, which are both online banks offering 2.10% APY for a 1 year CD.

With ING Direct, they have options that the customer can opt in with its Added-Value CD that will give the customer an additional 0.15% for new funds deposited. Banks are looking for new money and this allows ING Direct to offer a higher percentage. With this promo the depositor would get a total rate of 2.25% APY, the highest in the nation currently. MetLife Bank’s promo rate would also match the 2.25% APY offered by ING Direct but MetLife requires a $25,000 minimum while with ING Direct you can deposit any amount.

24 Month and 36 Month CDs

Flagstar Direct and E-Loan are at the top of the 2 year CD rate and 3 year CD rates. E-Loan is currently offering 2.37% for the 24 month CD, while Flagstar Direct’s 36 month CD is sitting at 3.00% APY.

48 Month CD Rates

The best 4 year CD rate is offered by Intervest National  Bank, which just lowered their rate from 3.20% to 3.15% APY

60 Month CD Rates

During an economical down turn its not wise to invest in CDs longer than just a few years. Even though the longer term CDs have better rates, your money will be locked in at that rate even as rates continue to increase. If you are looking to stash your money away and not worry about it for the next 5 years then this 5 year CD might be for you.

Citibank just dropped its rate from 3.50% to 3.25% APY which brings other banks close or even better than Citibank in the rates offered for the 60 month term. Ally, Discover Bank, E-Loan and Onewest Bank all offer 3.40% for this long term CD.

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