National City is offering a substantial checking account bonus until November 28th. This bonus is open to anyone who is opening a new personal checking account with National City and the bonus can be up to $300 cash. Here are the few details we know about this bonus so far:

The first thing you will need to do is find the nearest National City bank near you, as this deal is only offered at their branches. There is a St. Louis news site promoting this special offer from National City, so residents of St. Louis can get in on this offer. You can contact National City for information on locations near you at 1-800-622-6650.

This is what you need to do to get the bonus:

  • First $100 bonus:

Set up a monthly direct deposit of at least $400 and have 10 check card purchases in the first 60 days of the account.

  • Second $100 bonus:

Maintain your direct deposit, but complete an additional 25 check card purchases by 3/31/2010.

  • The final $100 bonus:

Still maintain your direct deposit and complete another 25 check card purchases by 5/31/09.

National City is trying to get loyal customers and by using their services they are willing to reward you with a bonus of up to $300. If you do not want to complete so many check card transactions you can still qualify for one or two of the bonus and still earn $100 or $200 cash. You can find other bank deals here.

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