Nowadays Credit Unions are the only institutions that can give relatively high CD Rates. There is no bank today that can offer the rates credit unions have on their table. The only problem is, you have to be a member of the union to avail of these rates. By definition, the members who have accounts in the union are also the owners of the union. And normally, it is only the members of the union who are capable of depositing money with the credit union, or borrow funds from it. This system allows the union to provide superior service, plus help monitor member’s financial health.

Today, one credit union that offers the highest CD rates is Melrose Credit Union. However, another union has stepped up and is offering rates even higher than Melrose. And that’s from Connexus Credit Union. Below are some comparisons of the rates they offer:

1. 6- month CD

Melrose Credit Union: (none)
Connexus Credit Union: 1.50%

2. 1 year CD
Melrose Credit Union: 1.31% APY
Connexus Credit Union: 1.75% APY

3. 5 year CD
Melrose Credit Union: 2.83% APY
Connexus Credit Union: 3.00% APY

Rates from both credit unions are extremely competitive and better than what traditional banks have to offer. Rates from Connexus Credit Union is available for deposits $10,000 and up with active checking. Rates for deposits less than $10,000 can enjoy slightly lower rates that are still higher than other banks. For accounts $1-$9,999, the rate for a 6 month CD is 1.00%, 1 year CD is 1.25%, and 5 year CD is 2.25%.

Although the rates are juicy, the first qualification questions they will ask is whether or not you are a member of the Connexus Association, Northcentral Technical College, Liberty Mutual Insurance, UMR, and Wasau City Employers credit union. If you have that under your belt, then the rest of the application form should be easy.

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