It is necessary for people who have plans of getting a new home to know the right mortgage rates in order for them to apply for the loans which suit their budget best. There are many financial companies and banks today that are offering mortgage loans espescially in this down market. Many people are losing their homes and thus most of these people may want to avail of refinancing schemes or perhaps sell their house and move to smaller homes where they are capable of paying off the mortgage.Mortgage rates then are the main factor that interested individuals will have to consider first.

One company that is offering good mortgage rates and loans is They make the processing of making a loan very easy to do and understand.The process of getting a mortgage is direct which will make it faster and simpler. Another factor why many people also trust them is because of their current and well updated mortgage rates. The rates they have compete nationally and thus people are assured of getting the best.

As of August 7, 2012, they have updated their mortgage rates. People who want to get loans should grab them now while the rates are still quite good. For the 30 year fixed rate they have with a loan up to $417,000, the rate is 3.250 with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.338. While the rate for the 15 year fixed is 2.750 with an APR of 2.836. And for the 5/1 ARM, the rate is 2.375 with an APR of 3.055. These rates are better especially that the national average rate is 3.77%.

People who want to make mortgage loans should then inquire and apply at Those people who are meticulous can feel free to ask questions or make clarifications with their staff. They also have a website that clients can check up on to get the latest mortgage rates. In this way, when they will see the right rates for them they will be able to have the loans they want.

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