Get $10 Free With US Bank Visa Buxx Card for Your Teen.

US Bank Visa Buxx CardA few days ago we posted an article about the Visa Buxx Card for teens.

If you sign up with US Bank your teen could get $10 for free add onto the card.

If your plans were to sign up your teen for the Visa Buxx card why not take advantage of $10 free dollars with US Bank.

How to get the $10?

It is actually quite simple.  Simply use the coupon Buxx10 when you sign up through US Bank and your teens Buxx card will get 10 FREE dollars packed into that card.

What is the Visa Buxx Card?

That is a great questions.  Head over to our What is the Visa Buxx card article to find out all the details and see if it is right for you and your kids.

Where do I sign up?

You  can head to the US bank site to sign up and get all the fine print here.

Is a Visa Buxx Card Right for Your Child?

Visa BuxxBuxxCollege Jimmy beamed holding his first credit card. His wants were his. Daddy Jimmy is still paying for a taco he ate as a freshman and realizes his foolery.”
– BankAim

What is Visa Buxx?

Visa Buxx is a debit card created to give teens spending independence and teach them about spending responsibilities, all while keeping the parents in the know and in control.

How does Visa Buxx Work?

Visa Buxx is a prepaid card which allows you to reload the card via online or over the phone.  This is not a credit card and only money that is prepaid can be spent.  The transactions are recorded just like any other debit card so you can review and discuss your teens spending habits with them.

In case the card is ever stolen or lost you are not help responsible for any purchases made which were unauthorized.  The Visa Buxx card is much safer than your child carrying cash.  Plus it is accepted everywhere that Visa Debit Cards are welcome.

This card is great for showing your teen responsible spending and budgeting habits.

Benefits of using the Visa Buxx Card.

  • Help to Encourage financial responsibility with your children.
  • Easy to use and widely accepted.
  • Safer to carry and use than cash.
  • Offers Parental control.

Our Thoughts:

The Visa Buxx card can be a powerful tool if used correctly.  It is important for young people to learn from the beginning how to manage and spend their money wisely.  Parental involvement with this card can make that learning curve easier.

It is not easy for most adults to learn to be financially responsible, let alone a teen.  So all the positive influence they can get at such a young age will help them build a solid financial future.

Not only are your teens going to learn some fiscal responsibility, but they will also get a jump start with online budgeting and account monitoring.  The Visa Buxx card offers similar online access to that of a normal debit card.

Check it out and see if it is right for you right… here.