Win $10,000 By Saving With CitiBank

Want to win $10,000? All you have to do is save. Citibank offers an interesting deal of giving you a chance to either win $1,000 weekly, or the grand prize of $10,000.

First, you must have both a checking and a savings account or money market account with Citibank. Once you have both, you’re ready to proceed with the following steps:

1. Set up their AutoSave service. It’s a free service that helps you save even without thinking or doing anything. It sets up recurring transfers from your checking account to your savings or money market account.

2. In order to set up the AutoSave service, click on “Transfers”

3. Select “Set Up A Recurring Transfer”

4. Choose the accounts you want to transfer money to and from

5. Choose the duration and frequency of the transfers. At any time, you have the capacity to change the duration and how much you plan to save, including the frequency of transfers)

6. Now that you have your AutoSave feature turned on, transfer at least $25 to your savings account or money market account in order to be granted one raffle ticket.

It’s that simple! Not only can you automatically save up, but you can also get the chance to win $10,000 without doing much.

Now, if you’re not a CitiBank customer and you already have a savings and checking account in another bank, guess what, you’re still eligible to join. Apparently, CitiBank has included non Citibank customers in their fine print.

Eligible participants (18 years old and above, and a citizen of one of the 50 states), may enter without becoming a Citibank customer or using the Autosave feature by sending in their entries via mail. Hand print your complete full name, complete address, phone number, email address, and date of birth on a 3″ by 5″ envelope and mail it to Citibank. Be sure to include a postage stamp with that. One mail is one entry.

This promotion started last July 1, 2011 and will end on September 9, 2011. If this seems fairly easy to do, go right ahead and do it. Without even thinking about saving, you could already start planning what to do when your $10,000 arrives.

One of A Kind Savings Promotion from Bank of America

Bank of America offers a truly one of a kind savings, checking and debit card promotion. In order to avail of this, the depositor must have a savings account, checking account, and a check debit card. So here’s how it works, the program is called “Keep the Change”, and rightly so. Because for every purchase made with the debit card, Bank of America rounds the purchase off to the nearest dollar and transfers the rest automatically from your checking account to your savings account. In a way, it’s as if you’ve got automatic savings.

For example, let’s say you bough a pair of shoes at $25.01. The charge that goes to your debit card will automatically be $26, and the 99 cents that wasn’t part of the original price will be directed to your savings account. Another big plus aside from automatic savings is that during the first three months, Bank of America will match whatever amount you “saved”. So by the end of the year, Bank of America will give you another 99 cents, up to a maximum of $250.

Some people have found some creative ways to build up their “savings”, such as filling up their gas tanks to only $2.01 at a time, buying stamps at an automated machine, or buying small purchases in a grocery one at a time instead of by bulk. Whatever your strategy may be, it’s time to get creative just to get to that $250.

Some limitations are that ATM purchases are not considered to be a part of the promotion. Only five checking accounts per depositor is allowed, or five checking accounts per household, whichever is lower. Eligible savings account includes the Regular Savings Account with a minimum opening balance of $25. And also, the Keep the Change promotion may be modified or canceled at any time, without prior notice. Some fees may reduce earnings.