Freedom Banking with People’s United Bank Student Plus Checking

College can be a very exciting time for anyone since it signifies the start of a new life of independence. Gone are the days when the assistance of mom and dad is near at hand. College means being able to get by on your own despite occasional setbacks. Stability is key in having a good life ahead which is why students should learn to handle their finances at an early age. Students should graduate from the regular savings account to getting another account such as People’s United Bank Student Plus Checking.

All About People’s United Bank

People’s United Bank is a retail and commercial bank that provides financial management and wealth services to its clients. Its total asset base as of today is $28 billion with 416 retail locations in the major states of the nation. Some of its retail franchises are in New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and a lot more. People’s United Bank is a well-diversified institution that is community based, serving people from different classes. They do not choose their customers but customers choose them instead. People from all over the nation really do trust this bank especially with regards to their finances.

Indeed, they do not choose who to serve since one of the major services they offer involves students. They have the Student plus checking account that is somewhat similar to a free checking account. This is a good choice for students because this kind of checking is free until the account owners will graduate or when the 48th month ends after they have opened the account. This is available to full-time students in college that are willing to budget what they actually have. The features of this checking includes free use of ATMs at People’s United Bank, the first orders of checks are also free, and free four ATM transactions to other banks. Telephone banking is also free as well as the bills bay and online banking.

With so little in charges and so much in benefit, People’s United Bank Student Plus Checking Account serves to be one of the best checking accounts any student can get.

Daily Check on People’s United Bank’s Mortgage Rate

Mortgage rates are always a priority for people to check whenever they have plans of buying a house. There are many people who do wish to buy a home but most of the time they can only do this through mortgage loans. There many borrowers who are looking for the right financial institution or company that have the best mortgage rates and loans. It is important for people and families to find the right company to go to in order for them to have the best mortgage that they know they can truly afford. To those who are looking for good rates, they can have it in People’s United Bank.

In People’s United Bank, customers and future clients will be helped by accommodating and knowledgeable staff that will provide a step by step process in making sure that those who will be getting the mortgage loans understand every detail about the loan. They also offer other financial services that can be of aid to this who need cash and financing. In terms of mortgage rates, they have flexible choices that will fit the financial portfolio of a wide range of buyers.

For those who will be having a maximum loan of $417,000, they can choose the 30 year fixed rate mortgage with an interest rate of 3.500% and an annual percentage rate of 3.664%. While for the 15 year fixed mortgage, the interest rate is 2.750% with an APR of 3.054%. On the other hand for the 30 year Jumbo loan, the interest rate is 4.250% with an APR of 4.286%. There is also the adjustable 10/1 mortgage with an APR of 3.560% and interest rate of 3.625%. These are indeed some of the mortgage loan choices that are very reasonable and that families can afford. Those who want to apply for these loans should inquire at People’s United Bank to get started on the loan process.