SunTrust Bank Offers High CD Rate

SunTrust Bank is offering a unique bundled CD to customers nationwide. To qualify for the 3% APY on both CDs you have to open a 26 month and 49 month CD and have the same amount of money in each account. The minimum deposit is $2,000 on each account.

You must also have a checking account through SunTrust bank, or open a new checking account. Its easy to open an account over the phone and then transfer funds through ACH transfer. There is an early withdrawal penalty on both accounts, 8 months interest on the 26 month CD and 12 months interest on the 49 month CD.

SunTrust Bank is rated 2 of 5 stars from Bankrate and is FDIC insured.

SunTrust Bank has many other CD options, visit their website here for more information and updated cd rates.

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