Mortgage Rates have steadily declined, setting new record lows since mid June.

According to the Freddy Mac Primary Market Mortgage Survey rates are now at there lowest in the history of this survey.

*Term August 16th August 6th
30yr fixed 4.19% 4.31%
15 yr fixed 3.43% 3.48%
5/1 ARM 2.92% 2.86%

The average 30 year fixed mortgage just above 4.5%.  Just 6 months ago it was over .50% higher, sitting at 5.09% on January 7th.

The 15 year mortgage is just about to break below the 4% average.  At the beginning of 2010 the 15 year rate was 4.50%

The story is no different for the 5/1 ARM.  Dropping from 4.44% on January 7th to 3.76% now.

For 6 straight weeks mortgage rates continue to dip into record lows.

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*The Graph on this page updates regularly with current rates. It may or may not reflect information congruent with this article.

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