The best local CD rates right now can be found at Washington Federal Savings Bank.

If you are located outside the state of Washington then you can check out our national best cd rates.

Typically we see local rates just under the national average for CD rates with their respective terms.  At Washington Federal Savings Bank we noticed on some of their long term CD’s like the 2, 3 and 5 year they are better then the national average.  While their short term CD rates, like the 6 and 12 month, are about even.

Here are Washington Federal Savings Banks CD Rates for August 2008:

  • 24 month CD – 2.50% APY – Minimum Deposit = $1,000.
  • 36 month CD – 2.75% APY – Minimum Deposit = $1,000
  • 48 month CD – 3.0% APY Minimum Deposit = $1,000

Washington Federal Savings Bank is FDIC insured, and also lends to Idaho.

So if you live in Washington or Idaho you can take advantage of these amazing local CD Rates.

Remember CD rates are time sensitive.  Please check with the financial institution for current rates and more details.  Refer to the date of this article for probable accuracy of cd rates.

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