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Lending Designed for Mortgage Shoppers at AmeriSave

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Looking for the best mortgage rate? Amerisave may be the right lending company for you. Mortgage rates are essential because it determines how much you’ll be paying to your lending institution in terms of interest. Over the years this amount could easily add up and the smallest difference in rates could mean thousands of dollars in difference. Instead of worrying over huge bills and payments, why not get a mortgage at a trusted lending institution such as Amerisave.

All About AmeriSave

Amerisave is one of the biggest lenders in the whole United States. They have operations in all of the 50 states with hundreds of helpful employees that help and assist their clients well. They make it easy and convenient for people to shop when it comes to mortgages. Some customers have even tried locking in just a few minutes with their mortgage loans because it is very easy to request and apply in AmeriSave. The customers are assured they are assisted well all throughout the whole process of acquiring the mortgage. Some of the mortgage products they have are the USDA, Non-conforming, and VA. They do still have other very useful products that people can apply for.

Today’s Rates

As of today October 10, 2012, the latest rates are very good compared to the national average which is 3.52%. With their 30 year fixed term of loans up to $417,000, the interest rate is 2.875% and the annual percentage rate or APR of 3.187%. For the 15 year fixed term, the interest rate is 2.250% with an APR of 2.693%. They also offer the 7 year ARM with an annual percentage rate of 2.948% and an interest rate of 1.875%. And the last is the 5 year ARM with the rate of 1.875% and an APR of 3.040%.

Upfront and Exceptional Mortgage Rates at AmeriSave

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

The home buying process can be both exciting and taxing at the same time. There’s nothing more exhilirating than the thought of moving into a new home but then there’s also the big cash investment to think about. Not everyone has the ability to pay for a home in cold cash which is why mortgages come in handy for buyers. Any smart home buyer would naturally go for a mortgage lender that provides great rates thus making their monthly obligations lesser.

Many financial companies like banks and lending services offer good rates just like what AmeriSave has in store. This is one of the biggest mortgage lenders in the whole country with hundreds of well-educated and professional employees that will help and cater to the needs of those who seek for mortgage assistance. Their main goal is to provide the best and lowest rates to every customer because they truly believe that everyone deserves to own a home. AmeriSave offers different mortgage products like the non-conforming loans, USDA, VA, and many more. Those who are interested should really go to this lending company directly.

As of today, the rates they have are quite low and competitive. For those who will have loans of up to $417,000, they can choose among the different terms available. One is the 30 year fixed term with a rate of 2.750% and an annual percentage rate of 3.004%. Next is the 15 year fixed with a rate of 2.250% and an APR of 2.559%. Another choice is the 7 year ARM with an annual percentage rate of 2.906% and a rate of 1.875% while the 5 year ARM has a rate of 1.625% with an APR of 3.045%. These are the latest rates that clients can easily apply for.

If you are interested for a mortgage, you better check at AmeriSave now while the rates are still low and excellent. You will for sure be accommodated and entertained well because this is what AmeriSave does. They truly give importance to their clients and future customers as well.

One of the largest mortgage lending companies in the nation today is Amerisave where people who are interested in acquiring a new home can go to if in case they need financial assistance. People today find it hard to finance and even refinance a home because of certain fees and amounts that they simply can no longer afford. Refinancing and looking for smaller homes is much more common today because of the weak housing economy. One of the best solutions to keep up with housing payments is to get a lender that conforms with your needs.

All About Amerisave

Amerisave is the one of the leading companies in terms of lenders. They are operating in almost 50 states all around the nation. Their main goal is to provide services that will make mortgage shopping easier and more convenient. Amerisave’s rates are low and well updated to make sure that their customers get the right mortgage loans. Those who are interested can shop, request, and apply for rate locks in just minutes. People can also check out their website in order for them to be well informed and updated with all the rates.

Mortgage Rates

As of today, the mortgage rates they have with loans amounting up to $417,000 are the following. For the 30 year fixed, the rate is 2.750 with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.099. A rate of 2.250 and an APR of 2.626 for the 15 year fixed term. On the other hand, the 7 year ARM has a rate of 1.750 with an annual percentage rate of 2.911. While for the 5 year ARM, the APR is 2.925 with a rate of 1.250. For the FHA rates, the 30 year fixed has a rate of 2.875 and an APR of 3.664. And the last is the 15 year fixed with a rate of 2.375 and an APR of 3.067. These rates are quite competitive and should be considered to those who are seriously looking for a lender that offers affordable financing.

If youre looking for mortgage rates with good rates, Amerisave may just be the place to go.

Better Mortgage Choices and Rates from Amerisave

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Americans can greatly benefit from the best mortgage rates so that they will be able to get and acquire the house of their dreams. As we all know the United States is currently facing many financial problems from unemployment, lack of retirement funding, tight medical budgets, and depressed housing markets. Because owners simply could not come up with mortgage payments, many houses have headed for foreclosure.

But everybody needs a home, and low real estate markets may actually be a good thing. With low prices and affordable mortgage rates, things are looking up for those who want to acquire a new home.

One company that is offering the best deal in terms of mortgage is Amerisave. This is one insurance and financial organizations in the United States that is considered to be a fast growing company, providing affordable financing for many families today. Their main goal is to provide accurate and low mortgage rates and exceptional or outstanding services to its present and future customers. So what are the rates given by Amerisave? For those who are interested in getting the best mortgage rate, here’s a sample computation.

Borrowers who will be getting loans of more than $417,000 will have a 30 year fixed rate of 3.250 and an APR or an annual percentage rate of 3.391. These are the rates if they do choose the 30 year fixed period. Those who will be choosing the 15 year fixed, will have a rate of 2.750 and an APR of 2.888 while the 7 year ARM will have a rate of 1.750 and an APR of 2.922. These are just some the Amerisave mortgage rates that will really help a lot of people get more affordable financing schemes for their homes. What makes this company a good choice is the fact that they have a lot of options that interested individuals can select from and these options will surely be of big help to many people.

Amerisave Lender offers unbelievably low mortgage rates, which stands to play a definitive role in this week’s mortgage rate trend.

Economists predict that there is a 47% possibility of these rates to either rise or remain unchanged. Some experts say that with the ongoing European crisis, many lending institutions are securing their payroll taxes. If this happens, the extended cost could be passed on to the buyers, resulting in higher mortgage rates.

However, some experts disagree. With the show of little volatility in trade, mortgage trends are predicted to remain the same. Only 6% think otherwise, choosing to be more optimistic and believing that the current fix of 3.250% will potentially go lower in the days to come.

Amerisave put on spotlight

With these predictions, no wonder Amerisave’s ultra low mortgage rates are trending. Starting from a loan of $417,000, you can get these rates as follows:

Rate APR
30-year fixed 3.250 3.469
15-year fixed 2.750 2.911

With an FHA loan, only differences to a decimal are worth noting:

Rate APR
30-year fixed 3.250 3.924
15-year fixed 2.750 3.058

For those who are seeking to ride along with the ups and downs of the market, the AMR rates for Amerisave are placed as:

7 year AMR 1.875 2.510
5 year AMR 1.375 2.396
3 year AMR 2.000 2.656

Overall, these rates fare better than most lending institutions or banks. New American Mortgage sets at 3.878% APR, while The Money Store places in at a close 3.669%.

If you’re planning on a new purchase, or refinance, doing so within this week’s timeframe may help you save a lot. Of course, this is in relation to economists’ prediction of the low chance of mortgage rates to go down any further. Unless you want to wait it out, securing your purchase now may be a good idea.

About Amerisave

Amerisave is among the largest and reputable mortgage lenders in the country. It offers services which range from funding, processing, closing, and underwriting at the best prices you can imagine.

Planning and making your transaction is easier when you apply for their online customer service center. With this, you can lock in your loans or purchases at anytime, and anywhere. You can download all related documents, while you wait for confirmation of agreement. Once it’s done, arrangements are smoothly facilitated so you can start choosing your new dream home.

Amerisave gives low Mortgage Rates This June!

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

There’s no better feeling than owning your own home. But before that feeling of satisfaction comes a time of negotiation. And that’s not only for a good price, but for good mortgage rates as well. Own your home this June with low mortgage rates from Amerisave, saving you money down the future.

Getting a loan with Amerisave is made simple. First you search your rates and find the loans best for you, then simply download the loan documents, sign them, and mail them back to Amerisave.
Amerisave will then process and underwrite your loan subject to appraisal and inspection. Once that’s done, they will arrange to close your loan at an attorney’s office closest to you. It’s that simple!

Amerisave is also one of the largest retail mortgage lenders, providing low rates and excellent customer service. Shopping for mortgages is easy and hassle free because you can do it from the comfort of your own home with only the use of your computer. Here are Amerisave’s mortgage rates for the month of June:

1. 30 Year Fixed
Rate: 3.875%
APR: 4.226%

2. 15 Year Fixed

Rate: 3.250%
APR: 3.504%

3. 7 Year ARM
Rate: 2.250%
APR: 3.028%

4. 5 Year ARM
Rate: 1.625%
APR: 2.890%

5. 3 Year ARM

Rate: 1.750%
APR: 3.076%

Amerisave is backed by hundreds of customer feedback praising the quality of service, and the timeliness of action customer support of the Amerisave staff has shown. There are hundreds of employees under Amerisave in all 50 states within the country, making location not a problem. All mortgage products are offered including VA, USDA, Non Comforming Alt A and Full Eagle Direct Endorsement with FHA. With the wide range of products to choose from, it won’t be difficult to find the right loan for you.

Try applying for a mortgage with Amerisave now. Rates are low, service is good, now all you need is your application.

Amerisave Gives 4.375% Mortgage Rate

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Amerisave is one of the largest retail mortgage lenders in the country that seeks to give loan services with convenience. Right now Amerisave is giving low mortgage rates with a 4.375% mortgage rate on a 30 year mortgage. Other mortgage rates from Amerisave are:

• 15 year fixed – 3.375%, APR at 4.063%
• 30 year fixed – 4.375%, APR at 4.703%
• 7 year ARM – 2.875%, APR at 4.063%

FHA Rates
• 30 year fixed – 4.250%, APR at 4.915%
• 15 year fixed – 3.750%, APR at 4.086%

Amerisave also has a website where loan application is made easy. All you have to do is search, and follow the steps indicated in the online process. For home refinancing, first search your rate and determine the best loan for your needs. Download the loan documents, sign, and mail them back to Amerisave. Amerisave will then process and underwrite your loan. Closing your loan can be done at home, or at an attorney’s office.

Home purchase also involves searching for the best loan and applying. Amerisave will process and underwrite the loan, but the loan will be subject to final appraisal and title inspection. If you’ve already found a property, forward a copy of your purchase contract and lock in your interest rate on the product of your choice. Amerisave offers appraisal of your new property, and they will arrange for the closing of your loan.

Amerisave has received many consumer testimonials about effectiveness and employee support, with good communication being one of the highlights. Amerisave also offers services for education, insurance, and credit cards.