There’s no better feeling than owning your own home. But before that feeling of satisfaction comes a time of negotiation. And that’s not only for a good price, but for good mortgage rates as well. Own your home this June with low mortgage rates from Amerisave, saving you money down the future.

Getting a loan with Amerisave is made simple. First you search your rates and find the loans best for you, then simply download the loan documents, sign them, and mail them back to Amerisave.
Amerisave will then process and underwrite your loan subject to appraisal and inspection. Once that’s done, they will arrange to close your loan at an attorney’s office closest to you. It’s that simple!

Amerisave is also one of the largest retail mortgage lenders, providing low rates and excellent customer service. Shopping for mortgages is easy and hassle free because you can do it from the comfort of your own home with only the use of your computer. Here are Amerisave’s mortgage rates for the month of June:

1. 30 Year Fixed
Rate: 3.875%
APR: 4.226%

2. 15 Year Fixed

Rate: 3.250%
APR: 3.504%

3. 7 Year ARM
Rate: 2.250%
APR: 3.028%

4. 5 Year ARM
Rate: 1.625%
APR: 2.890%

5. 3 Year ARM

Rate: 1.750%
APR: 3.076%

Amerisave is backed by hundreds of customer feedback praising the quality of service, and the timeliness of action customer support of the Amerisave staff has shown. There are hundreds of employees under Amerisave in all 50 states within the country, making location not a problem. All mortgage products are offered including VA, USDA, Non Comforming Alt A and Full Eagle Direct Endorsement with FHA. With the wide range of products to choose from, it won’t be difficult to find the right loan for you.

Try applying for a mortgage with Amerisave now. Rates are low, service is good, now all you need is your application.

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