A 2 year Jumbo CD (certificate of deposit) is a time deposit with a fixed rate for the entirety of the 24 month term. Upon maturity of the certificate you can withdraw the balance without penalty. 2 year Jumbo CD’s are FDIC insured for up to $250,000. A penalty will typically be enforced for early withdraw of funds.

Banks offer daily, monthly and quarterly compounding rates. Jumbo CD’s rates typically yield higher rates than normal CDs because of the minimum deposit requirements. Although some banks may require more, $100,000 is the minimum deposit for most financial institutions.

Best 5 Year Jumbo CD Rates

Bank Rank Name of Bank Investment Type Term Rate Compounded Min. Deposit
1 First Internet Bank of Indiana Jumbo Bank CD 5 year 2.65% Monthly $100,000
3 Ally Jumbo Bank CD 5 year 2.49% Daily $100,000
4 USAA Jumbo Bank CD 5 year 2.45% Monthly $100,000
5 VirtualBank Jumbo Bank CD 5 year 2.43% Daily $100,000

Comparing our best 2 year jumbo CD rates above, and also reviewing our local market CD Rates section is going to help you find the best 2 year Jumbo CD for your needs.