One of the largest mortgage lending companies in the nation today is Amerisave where people who are interested in acquiring a new home can go to if in case they need financial assistance. People today find it hard to finance and even refinance a home because of certain fees and amounts that they simply can no longer afford. Refinancing and looking for smaller homes is much more common today because of the weak housing economy. One of the best solutions to keep up with housing payments is to get a lender that conforms with your needs.

All About Amerisave

Amerisave is the one of the leading companies in terms of lenders. They are operating in almost 50 states all around the nation. Their main goal is to provide services that will make mortgage shopping easier and more convenient. Amerisave’s rates are low and well updated to make sure that their customers get the right mortgage loans. Those who are interested can shop, request, and apply for rate locks in just minutes. People can also check out their website in order for them to be well informed and updated with all the rates.

Mortgage Rates

As of today, the mortgage rates they have with loans amounting up to $417,000 are the following. For the 30 year fixed, the rate is 2.750 with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.099. A rate of 2.250 and an APR of 2.626 for the 15 year fixed term. On the other hand, the 7 year ARM has a rate of 1.750 with an annual percentage rate of 2.911. While for the 5 year ARM, the APR is 2.925 with a rate of 1.250. For the FHA rates, the 30 year fixed has a rate of 2.875 and an APR of 3.664. And the last is the 15 year fixed with a rate of 2.375 and an APR of 3.067. These rates are quite competitive and should be considered to those who are seriously looking for a lender that offers affordable financing.

If youre looking for mortgage rates with good rates, Amerisave may just be the place to go.