Getting the right mortgage rate is crucial for those who have plans of purchasing a home or even for those who are thinking of refinancing. There’s just a different feeling when it comes to owning your own home which is why even those who have little budget still try to make ends meet just to get their own space. One lending company that can help you get a mortgage rate that’s right for your pocket is

All About is a direct lending company that helps people with mortgages and loans. They started in 2006 and has continued to make every loan easy and simple. They are a direct lender which only means they do not have any middlemen like banks. Processing is quick and can give you the financing that you need without having to wait for long processing time. Aside from this, mortgage rates are also competitive and affordable.

Concrete Mortgage Rates

The rates as of October 2, 2012 with loans up to $417,000 are better as compared to the national average which is 3.55%. To those who will be choosing the 30 year fixed term, the rate is 2.875% with an annual percentage rate or APR of 3.081%. For the 15 year fixed term on the other hand, the rate is 2.250% with an APR of 2.623%. Others can also choose the 5/1 ARM term with an annual percentage rate of 2.375% and an interest rate of 3.094%. With these rates, people who are interested in getting mortgages can easily enjoy more affordable monthly payments in the long run.

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