Amerisave Lender offers unbelievably low mortgage rates, which stands to play a definitive role in this week’s mortgage rate trend.

Economists predict that there is a 47% possibility of these rates to either rise or remain unchanged. Some experts say that with the ongoing European crisis, many lending institutions are securing their payroll taxes. If this happens, the extended cost could be passed on to the buyers, resulting in higher mortgage rates.

However, some experts disagree. With the show of little volatility in trade, mortgage trends are predicted to remain the same. Only 6% think otherwise, choosing to be more optimistic and believing that the current fix of 3.250% will potentially go lower in the days to come.

Amerisave put on spotlight

With these predictions, no wonder Amerisave’s ultra low mortgage rates are trending. Starting from a loan of $417,000, you can get these rates as follows:

Rate APR
30-year fixed 3.250 3.469
15-year fixed 2.750 2.911

With an FHA loan, only differences to a decimal are worth noting:

Rate APR
30-year fixed 3.250 3.924
15-year fixed 2.750 3.058

For those who are seeking to ride along with the ups and downs of the market, the AMR rates for Amerisave are placed as:

7 year AMR 1.875 2.510
5 year AMR 1.375 2.396
3 year AMR 2.000 2.656

Overall, these rates fare better than most lending institutions or banks. New American Mortgage sets at 3.878% APR, while The Money Store places in at a close 3.669%.

If you’re planning on a new purchase, or refinance, doing so within this week’s timeframe may help you save a lot. Of course, this is in relation to economists’ prediction of the low chance of mortgage rates to go down any further. Unless you want to wait it out, securing your purchase now may be a good idea.

About Amerisave

Amerisave is among the largest and reputable mortgage lenders in the country. It offers services which range from funding, processing, closing, and underwriting at the best prices you can imagine.

Planning and making your transaction is easier when you apply for their online customer service center. With this, you can lock in your loans or purchases at anytime, and anywhere. You can download all related documents, while you wait for confirmation of agreement. Once it’s done, arrangements are smoothly facilitated so you can start choosing your new dream home.