Comerica Bank is giving out a $400 bonus for its small business customers. This is their way of giving your business a stimulus package. This offer is being called the “Comerica Small Business Sensible Stimulus Package”.

Unlike most bank bonuses, which require you to sign up for a new banking account, Comerica is giving its bonus to active Comerica business checking accounts. These are people who already have an opened account with the bank. To be active you must have 5 or more customer-initiated transactions per statement cycle. Along with having an active account, you will need to establish a new qualifying account and/or service between October 5 and November 27th, 2009. You can register at by December 8th, 2009 and your participation will begin on the first month after you have registered.

Comerica Stimulus Package Bonuses

  • You will receive $100 bonus when you subscribe to and use the Comerica Bank Payment Solution Package for 6 months.
  • You will receive another $100 when you use your Comerica Business Check Card an average of 6 or more time each month for 6 months.
  • $50 when you open a new Comerica Business Credit Card.
  • $100 when you sign up for and use Comerica Merchant card processing services (speak to their merchant services to find if you can get a better rate than you currently are).
  • $50 when you sign up for and use Comerica Business Deposit Capture for 6 months.

Most banks offer bonuses to get you to deposit new money into their bank, so Comerica has added another incentive to add money to your account. When you add $25,000 of new money in your Comerica Business Checking Account, you will receive:

  • A free scanner
  • Waived start-up costs
  • A free 2-year maintenance plan.
  • A total benefit valued at $674

Additional details of this deal:

Qualifying bonus payments will be deposited into your Comerica business checking account about 6 months after your eligibility.

You must keep each account open and active for at least 6 consecutive months to qualify.

A maximum cash bonus of $400 will be paid per business. Limit one payout per business entity.

This program and bonuses ends August 31, 2010. Cash bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS form 1099-INT.

Learn more about this deal here.

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