Today, almost all banks have checking account promotions with different perks, and right now BBVA Compass is opening a promotion of its own. BBVA Compass is a bank that lands on the top 20 biggest United States commercial banks based on the deposit market share. The company itself operates in 716 branches nationwide including California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Alabama. Because of its credibility, people all over in the United States can really trust BBVA Compass especially when it comes to their checking account.

Luckily for those who haven’t opened a checking account yet, BBVA Compass is offering a whopping $100 for those who are planning on opening one from May 4, 2012 to June 30 of the same year. So who are the ones qualified for this? Basically, online new consumers may get the $100 as a reward or bonus upon account opening and by following the terms and conditions of this checking account promotion.

One condition for an individual to qualify is that he or she should directly make deposits or pay bills online. Requirements should also be completed within 60 days. The account should at least receive one $300 direct deposit from another unrelated party or the account owner should make three payments of online bills with a minimum of $50 dollars each. Any of these two main requirements are very easy to do and thus those who will open a new checking account will definitely get the $100 bonus.

If the owner of the checking account will be successful then the $100 will be deposited in the checking account within the period of ninety to one twenty days. With the way the economy is going, every dollar counts!

For those who are still planning to open a new checking account, BBVA Compass offers a great checking account with added bonuses. For questions or inquiries information can be found in the BBVA Compass website, and their hotline numbers are also available.

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