To those people who are in search of the best checking account promotion, they should try the ones from First Security Bank. There are many kinds of checking accounts this bank has to offer but one of their most appealing is the simplified Teal Advantage checking.

All About First Security Bank

First Security Bank has total assets of $4.193 billion and a total capital of $520 million. With just these numbers alone we can bank on the stability of the institution. Other services they offer aside from checking accounts include mortgage loans, business and personal banking, credit cards, and many more. Those who will need such services will really be able to find the solutions with First Security Bank. And indeed, one of the famous services they have is the Teal Advantage Checking account.

Simplified Teal Advantage Checking Account

The Simplified Teal Advantage Checking Account is a premium account with good interest rates as well as rewards account holders can acquire. It is also known to be a simplified account because of the features it has. One feature is the 24/7 free telephone banking. Account holders who have questions or concerns regarding their account will be able to get immediate answers. Some of the other special features include free online banking and bills payment, free security cash card, free cashier’s check, free custom checks, free services for notaries, and a no annual fee First Security credit card for account holders.

No other checking account offers so much in terms of freebies with just account opening. For those who want the full package, they should then apply for First Security Bank’s Teal advantage checking.

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