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Sensible and Up-to-Date Mortgage Rates at BBVA Compass

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Sensible and updated mortgage rates are a necessity for those who are planning to apply for a mortgage. With the economic downturn of the real estate market, mortgage rates are much lower than what they used to be, making this a good time to lock in to a new mortgage or perhaps refinance your loan.

One of the banks that offer good mortgage rates is BBVA Compass. This bank is one of the largest commercial companies in the United States based alone on their market deposit shares. They have 716 branches in California, Arizona, Florida, and many more. The three major units in their business are retail banking, wealth management, and corporate banking. People from all classes in the nation will surely be able to acquire help from this bank because of the different services they have such as mortgages, loans, merchant processing, credit cards, and many more. Customers will just have to choose among the services and products they need.

Mortgage Rates at BBVA Compass

In choosing the best rates, it will also depend on what kind of term or period is applicable. To those who will select the conforming 30 year fixed rate, the interest rate is 3.250% with an annual percentage rate of 3.385%. Another choice is the conforming 15 year fixed rate with an APR or annual percentage rate of 2.993% and a rate of 2.750%. Conforming 5/1 ARM on the other hand has an interest rate of 2.250% with an APR or 3.038%. Other choices include the Jumbo 30 year fixed rate with an APR of 3.903% and a rate of 3.750%. And the Jumbo 15 year fixed rate with interest rate of 3.000% and an APR of 3.251%.

Getting Value at BBVA Compass Visa Signature Credit Card

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Today, everything has become very accessible especially in terms of money matters because of the availability of credit cards. Almost everyone has credit cards that they can use every time they shop, pay bills or pay anything for that matter. People rely heavily on credit cards and those who are thinking of applying for a new one should carefully consider which card offers the best features. If there is one card that many people trust, it is the BBVA Compass Visa Signature credit card.

One reason for an individual to get this card is the fact that there is no annual fee for it. Owners will not have to worry about annual payments because it is free of charge. In terms of the annual percentage rate or the APR for all purchases, its introductory rate is 0% for the first six months and after that the APR will be from 9.24% to 13.24%. So for the first six months, the card holders will not be anxious with the interest especially if they shop till they drop and use their BBVA Compass Visa signature credit card. Also, the APR will be based on the owner’s credit worthiness and on the Prime rate in the market which is very fair to those who will be using the card. In terms of balance transfers, the APR for it is 0% to 3.99% for a year and based also in the worthiness of the credit.

Other advantages in using the BBVA Compass Visa Signature credit card include special discounts and savings. Holders of this credit card will receive discounts in traveling and other complimentary upgrades.

In terms of late payment and over the credit limit, a penalty of only up to $35 is only required. These are just some of the penalty fees that credit card holders will pay in the BBVA Compass Visa Signature credit card.

BBVA Compass is a leading bank in the U.S. that has been providing better services in terms of retail and corporate banking. Many investors and regular American citizens continue to rely on them especially when it comes to certificates of deposit accounts because they offer good rates and deals. People especially those with families deserve to have savings and thus they should start by choosing BBVA Compass in opening their CD accounts. People will be able to choose or pick good terms or programs that will certainly fit or suit what they want. This is a very important factor considering it affects the overall earnings upon maturity.

Certificates of Deposits

Those who want to open certificates of deposit accounts will be able to choose among many flexible terms. The programs or terms are actually from as short as thirty days to as long as fifteen years. These terms will depend on what the account holder will choose. Most people would choose the longer terms because the longer they will keep their money, the more savings or interest they will earn. BBVA Compass offers flexible rates because they always update their rates in order for it to compete in the market.

The minimum amount one should have in order to open a certificate of deposit account is only $500. For those who will be choosing the one month term, the interest rate is 0.150% with an APY or annual percentage yield of 0.15%. While for the six months term, an APY and an interest rate of 0.25% and for the 12 months terms, the APY is 0.50% and the interest rate is 0.499%. On the other hand, those who want longer terms such as the 24 months program, the interest rate is 1.242% with an APY of 1.25%. For the 36 months, the interest rate is 0.946% and 0.95% APY. And for the 60 months term or the five year program, the interest rate is 1.980% and an APY of 2.00%. These are then the terms and rates that interested clients can open when they want their own certificate of deposit accounts.