If you want the lowest minimum balance in terms of checking accounts, then you can definitely have it today. Minimal maintaining balances allows you to use every penny in your account without having to worry about incurring penalties or fees. People have really become aware how convenient checking accounts can be especially when it comes to making large payments. Checking account transactions are actually safer and more functional especially when the maintaining balance is just a dollar. Who would not find this interesting right? One bank that offers this kind of promotion is Kaiser Federal Bank.

Kaiser Federal Bank is one of the most trusted banks in the United States. There are many people and families who trust their savings and their checking accounts in this bank because they know that the bank is FDIC insured. All rates such as interest rates, annual percentage rates and yields are very competitive which will make it easier for people to decide whether they will open accounts or not. And one account that they really like to have in this bank is the different checking accounts such as the standard checking account, choice checking account, and relationship checking account.

One of the common choices for many is the relationship checking account. Right now, they have the promotion that allows people or account owners to only have a minimum balance of one dollar. What are its other features? One highlight about this checking account is the refund of the 4 non-Kaiser Federal Bank ATM withdrawal fees and that the account actually earns interest to about 0.10% with an APY of all 0.10%. This is highly advantageous considering other checking accounts dont offer interest. This allows investors to make the most of their money even when its not in a CD or savings account. All the standard checks are included and there are unlimited cashier’s checks and wire transfers.

For those who want to avail of this checking account promotion then they should apply for it right now. What people can do is apply and open it through online processing which will make easier for them. In this way, they can have their checking account immediately and use it in no time.

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