Students today are on the hunt for the best checking accounts that they can use for their everyday student life. With projects and daily living expenses to attend to, checking accounts are a necessity. With this being a part of everyday life, it’s only logical to find a financial institution which can best cater to their needs. One of these banks is Wells Fargo.

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is a famous corporate bank in America that has been serving many people and families. They have quality services that cater to the needs of Americans. This is indeed the company to go to and since they are one of the leading banks in the United States. In terms of checking accounts, they currently have a promotions which students can take advantage of. This promotions is called the College Combo checking account.

The college combo checking account is open to college students aged 24 years old and younger. Just as long as they are in college, they can avail of this Wells Fargo promotion. To those who want to open one, it is very quick, easy, and secured. Students can even open their new accounts online and access their accounts through their mobile phone. The minimum amount to open the combo is $125 only. The $100 is for the checking account while the $25 is for the savings account. This is how easy and affordable it is to open a checking account.

The College Combo Package

The college combo includes the Wells Fargo checking account, the way2save savings account, a platinum debit card, free account alerts and free online bills payment.

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