The holidays are over, yet First Bank is still feeling very generous. It seems that they still don’t want to shake off the Christmas spirit of giving, or they want to start your year right with a little reward. And what better way to do that than to give freebies, right?

The Promotion

If you open a checking account with First Bank now, you may get the chance to win one of these three amazing gadgets: an Amazon Kindle, a Garmin GPS, or an iPod Touch. Now we know anyone would jump at the chance of getting a free gift. For those who are interested, here’s what you should do:

First of all, you should open a new checking account with First Bank. One can do so by registering an application online, as the bank requires an enrollment for online banking in order for the subscriber to qualify for the free gift. One must also make sure to comply all other requirements stated in their terms of service. This includes at least a single direct deposit with a sum amounting to or more than $300. Multiple deposits that add up to the given amount do not count.

The next requirement is for one to use the checking account to pay bills to three separate companies. The payments must be in accordance with the Billpay Service of First bank.

All these things must be complied within a period of 60 days form the time the account is opened. The account also needs to be unblemished with poor or bad credit history. Upon final perusal after the 60-day period, you can stand a chance to get one gift. This offer is for a limited time only, so might as well open that new checking account today.

Aside from these perks, the First bank checking account also has several desirable features. You are not required to maintain any minimum balance, and transactions prove to be a breeze due to their zero service charges. And because you will be required to sign up for online banking, you get less of the hassle, quickly update your information, or view transactions effortlessly. Since everything will be online, you can access your account whenever, wherever. You can also get free alerts with any new promotions First bank has yet to offer.

Convenience and freebies? Now this is one hangover we wouldn’t mind dealing with.

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