There are a million different ways that people like you and me waste money each and every day. It was actually difficult to narrow it down to just 10, but we’ll share more money wasters in the future.  I call it…

10 ways to blow the dough.

1. Annual Credit Card Fees

There really are very few reasons why you would need to pay an annual credit card fee just to use your credit card.  Even if you have a rewards or air miles card, you shouldn’t need to pay the credit company just so you can rack up debt and pay them even more money in interest

Tip: A good tip if you have a credit card with an annual fee is try calling the company and threaten to cancel the card unless they remove the annual fee.  Works like a charm.

2. Product Insurance and Warranties

Best Buy, Frys and every other store out there that offer product warranties are making a killing by people giving them this free money.  The large majority of people that purchase these warranties, which are often half what the product cost, never use them or even forget about them.

Tip: Slightly different topic, but relates to these types of stores.  If you purchase something with a mail in rebate, please fill it out and put the rebate in the mail the same day you purchase the item.  Otherwise your chances of forgetting and never doing it dramatically increases.

3. Buying New Things

Come on! With resources like craigslist there is hardly any reason for anyone to buy anything new anymore.  Okay that is a slight exaggeration, but you can really save a ton of money buying things used.  Furniture, tvs, electronics, phones, cars and the list goes on and on.  Many people say… “Well I just won’t get what I want.”. Well if you are patient you may just get something better than you want.

Tip: Look in the expensive parts of town when searching in Craigslist.  Sometimes rich people get rid of their stuff super cheap.  Be patient and flexible with what you want.

4. Eating Out

Everyone knows how expensive it is to eat out.  Limit your going out nights to just once a week.  Or when you go out do not order drinks or appetizers and you will save a lot of money.

5. Coffee Extras

I couldn’t possibly tell you not to drink your coffee so I won’t.  But a smart idea is to not get all the extras with your coffee.  I think 2 shots is just fine because that extra shot typically costs .40 to .60 cents.  And extra syrup will tack on .35 cents.  You want extra caramel? .55 cents.

6. Magazines and Newspapers

There is this new thing called the internet.  Its pretty awesome and you should check it out.  (a magazine or newspaper when traveling is okay… unless you have an ipad.)

7. Brand Names

Food, clothes, purses, sunglasses, etc, etc.  You are paying for the name.  I know it is not nearly as cool, but I’ll tell you what is even cooler.  Money.  Having it.

8. Not Using Coupons

Your Safeway Club card is not getting you all the savings out there.  Checkout some coupon websites and print up some coupons for items you know you need.  It takes 5 minutes and it’ll save you extra money.

9. Lotto and Scratch Tickets

The lottery is a tax on poor people.

10. Bottled Water

If you must buy bottled water head over to the area where they have the 1 gallon jugs of water.  They costs about .99 cents compared to a 20 oz bottled water which will run you $1.29… Huh?

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