College is a great time to gain experience. This is when young people build maturity when it comes to personality, relationships, knowledge, and of course, finances. Usually when young adults are in college, parents withdraw monetary support to teach them how to be financially independent. Sometimes finance management can be made so much easier with the use of a credit card.

A credit card for students can have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the level of responsibility of the student. If a student spends more than he can afford, or if he misses to make payments on the due date, students can get themselves into a lot of bad debt. Still, there is no harm in getting a credit card as long as you know you’re financially responsible.

When choosing a credit card, some things you have to keep in mind is to getting a card that suits your lifestyle needs. Don’t get a rewards credit card if you know you’re going to keep a balance since those type of cards typically charge a higher interest rate. Also, look for cards that don’t charge an annual fee. You might just get shocked a the end of the year to find an added expense you weren’t prepared for.

Instead of getting a “normal” credit card, there are some credit card companies that are sensitive to the needs of students. These cards fit the lifestyles of students well, giving them low interest rates and practical rewards that students can definitely use. Some cards give cash back rewards on purchases such as groceries, gas, restaurant orders, and many more. Plus, some cards also offer 0% interest for the first few months of use. Just make sure you check what the interest rates are afterwards.

Here are some of the best student credit cards in 2011. These cards are made just for that young adult in college.

Best Student Credit Cards

Take advantage of the credit cards built just for students. These cards know what students need, giving you rewards and bonuses on purchases you will actually make. And finally, don’t get too excited by the lures of rewards or freebies. If you know you don’t need to buy it, then discipline yourself into delaying the purchase up to the time when you can actually afford it.

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