It’s a lot more satisfying to learn that you can get good benefits and features in a checking account. Checking accounts have become a necessity especially for those who need it to get their salaries conveniently and also for those who make large payments frequently. These are also extremely useful for those who are running businesses. So where can you get a checking account with extra perks?

One financial institution that offers different types of checking accounts is Southern Bank.  They provide and offer genuine customer service and they value their clients financial status well. They have good quality services like mortgages loans, savings, checking, and a lot more. Those who will need any financial assistance will surely be able to get it at this bank.

Gold Checking Account Facts

One feature that many people could not refuse from Southern Banks Gold checking account is the free checks. Those who will apply for this kind of account will be able to grab branded checks specially made for members only without paying any extra charges. The second feature is the interest on all available balances in the account. As long as the owner can maintain a positive balance on the account then he or she will be able to receive updated interests. With the personalized or specially made checks, the account holder is allowed unlimited checking. He or she will not have a minimum balance requirement or any check charges as well. Also, with this checking account owners will be able to acquire travel accidental death insurance worth $10,000. There is also the personal identity protection in cases of theft and loss of the checking.

Many people will certainly prefer the Gold checking account because of the perks that come with it. They can simply enjoy huge discounts from local and national retailers when they will apply for this checking account.