Sometimes it’s good to take our minds off the economic gloom and doom news and forecasts, and what better way to do that than by checking out the latest bank promotions. This September, checking account promotions are abounding and for sure there’s a bank near you that can give you some bonuses. Below are 5 of the nation’s hottest bank and checking account promotions for the month of September:

1. Bank Mutual $50 Cash Bonus – Set up a new checking account and place in a direct deposit to receive an easy $50 Cash bonus. The minimum deposit needed to open an account is only $100 which is fairly cheap. However, some fine print states that the $50 bonus will only be credited 60 days after account opening, and the account must remain active for 6 months or else a $50 charge will ensue upon closing of the account.

2. BankDirect American Airlines AAdvantage Program - Upon opening a new BankDirect account, you are immediately eligible to earn up to 50,000 bonus American Airlines AAdvantage Miles. To qualify for the bonus, it is important to open a Mileage product including Mileage Checking Accounts, Mileage MMF’s and Mileage CD’s. You can also earn more AAdvantage Miles by using other BankDirect services which are in line with your mileage account.

3. Citibank $400 Gift Card Bonus - A $400 gift card is currently being offered by Citibank upon starting a Citibank Checking Relationship before October 31, 2011. You can open a Citibank checking account using either the CitiGold or Citibank Account package.

4. Banco Popular Totally Free Checking Account $125 Bonus - Opening a checking account with Banco Popular can be a good investment indeed with up to $125 in bonuses. The bank offers $25 for your old debit card and unused checks, $50 with direct deposits, and another $50 for Online Bills Services. Getting that extra money has never been this simple.

5. Capital One $300 Smart Cents Checking Bonus - If you think Banco Popular has it going good with $125 in bonuses, think again. Capital One is offering as much as $300 in bonuses by opening a free checking and Smart Cents account.

This September sees some positive investment vehicles in checking accounts themselves. These bonuses can certainly beat savings to some extent.

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