The roller coaster ride that is the US economy will be seeing more twists and turns this coming week. Last week, mortgage rates and treasury bonds experienced the lowest point last Wednesday, but picked up a few notches on Thursday and Friday. The low point came as a reaction to Standard and Poor’s change of rating. More volatility is expected this week and rate shoppers are just going to have to roll with the ride.

Mortgage rates are trending lower these past few weeks however, it has been noted to have its spikes especially when outside forces such as the Federal Reserve or the U.S. Government steps in. In the meantime, mortgage rate shoppers and interested real estate investors can have an early holiday with discounted rates much like Christmas sales.

Here is a list of banks with low mortgage rates to choose from:

1.Tri Counties Bank – 4.063%
2. - 4.117% APR
3. Mortgage Capital - 4.125%
4. American Financial Resources Inc. – 4.125%
5. Aurora Bank - 4.170% APR
6. Investors Savings Bank – 4.172%
7. Rate Rabbit - 4.206%
8. American – 4.250%
9. Glendale Mortgage – 4.297%
10. Citizen’s Financial Bank – 4.359%

All rates are for 30 year fixed mortgages. The national average is 4.46%, so all rates presented above are below the average rates. Not all banks and rates are available in all states. Availability can be checked online. Although an economic turmoil generally spell bad news, this could also be a good time to buy investments such as stocks, and of course, real estate. Take advantage of these low rates while they’re still around.

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