Mortgage rates are always on the mind of people whenever they are serious about purchasing their own homes. Because of the economic crisis in the previous years, many homes have gone into foreclosure causing a depressed housing market. Mortgage rates are essential in determining just how much you’ll be paying per month, the better your rates are, the easier your monthly amortization will be on the pocket. If you yourself are looking for the right mortgage rates then you can definitely get it from Bankers Trust.

Established in the year 1917, Bankers Trust is an independently owned bank and is the largest one in Iowa. Many people would go to this bank for their financial services such as loans, credit cards, insurance, checking accounts, debit cards, and mortgages. They also have other services to offer for those who are in businesses.

Mortgage Rates

The current mortgage rates they have include a 3.250% rate and an APR or annual percentage rate of 3.390% for the term of 30 years. For the 15 year fixed term, the rate is 2.655% with an APR of 2.685% while for the 30 year CRA, the rate is 4.625% with an APR of 5.788%. For the 30 and 15 year conventional rates, the actual annual percentage rate or APR is based on a $100,000 loan. Those how will apply for such will need to make a 20% down payment and a 1% origination fee.

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