Checking accounts are all vying for everyone’s attention with exclusive promos and limited offers. One of the most sought-after offers are cash bonuses. Oftentimes, these promotions come from only one type of checking account, but Sovereign Bank begs to differ. Get this – when you open a checking account with them today, you can choose from among three different types of promotions – all with cash bonuses.

Three options for your Cash Bonus

The more you spend, the more you earn. Sounds too good to be true? Here’s what Sovereign Bank has in store for you.

Currently, there are three options for you: the Premier checking package, Preferred Checking Package, and Classic Checking Package. Open any of these three accounts before the end of January 31st, and get cash rewards by April 15th. All you need to do is make at least five purchases with your debit card. Or, you can also have one direct deposit before the end of March 31st. when any of these two conditions are met, you can get your cash bonus by April.

So how do these three checking accounts differ? With the Classic checking package, you get the regular perks such as no charges per check issuance, no monthly fees on a $500 daily balance, and competitive CD rates – plus a $50 cash back bonus. On the other hand, the Preferred checking account yields an interest-bearing account, with exclusive savings from Money Market rates. As for the cashback reward, you earn a $75 bonus.

The Sovereign Premier checking account is the crème of the crop. With its outstanding $125 cash bonus, you get the best rewards Sovereign bank has to offer. It also does not charge extra fees for more than $20,000 worth of combined balances in your loans, investments, savings, or checking accounts. The Premier checking account yields and annual percentage rate of 0.01% for accounts amounting to less than $15,00, and a 0.10% rate for balances of more than the said amount.

All these three checking accounts need to meet the same timely requirements for you to avail the cash bonuses, so make those purchases now.

Opening an Account

Sovereign Bank offers a quick, online application for you to open an account. As long as you provide the basic requirements of Social Security Number, Taxpayer Identification Number, valid ID’s, current US address and your email, the rest of the process is hassle-free.

Remember, these exclusive offers last until the end of January, so if you want to take advantage of great rewards, open a checking account with Sovereign Bank today.

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