With CD rates dropping down to a national average of 0.72% this week, many financial institutions have also been cutting off on their APYs. However, this cut-down pushed up, if not highlighted, the current CD interest rate from Goodyear-Danville Credit Union. Here’s why:

Competitive 1-year Rate

Bank mogul Ally Bank has a current 1-year offer of 1.09%. On the other hand, another giant, CIT banks holds steady with their 1.06% interest rate. But value for your investment really becomes worth it when you choose a credit union to open your CD account. Goodyear-Danville offers a high return of 1.76% APY and 1.75% dividend rate. This only comes in a close second to Route 1 Credit Union’s 1.77% APY. Based on these comparisons, Goodyear-Danville proves to remain competitive in its rate offering.

However, unlike other banks or credit unions, this is the only CD term being offered from Goodyear-Danville. A one-year CD maturity is said to be the safest and most low-risk investment anyone can make, and it seems this credit union is well bent on that. Since their 1-year offer is all they have, you can never choose anything less than that, but you can still apply for renewal for as long as you want.

Other services include regular savings accounts, loan accounts, and mortgages. Specifications for each account type can be looked up in their website.

Opening a CD account requires one to have an initial minimum deposit of $2500. If early withdrawal is done, the penalty will be based on a 90-day dividend fee. Through their online Internet teller, you can make your application and submit necessary documents for the account opening. All account information and statements can be accessed online thereafter. Just make sure you keep note of the account name and password the company will be giving you – although you can still change the password to your preference later on. Transactions are reflected online since this credit union fully utilizes online banking.

About Goodyear-Danville Credit Union

This local credit union opened in 1979 and was originally intended for employees of Goodyear-Danville. In 2004, it opened expansion to non-members of the company. However, membership is still restricted to immediate family members. And if you’re married, first degree relatives of your spouse can also become members.

Goodyear-Danville Headquarters is located in Danville,Virginia, USA. It is a proud member of the National Credit Union Association and FedComp, Inc.

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