Now that the sales and discounts from Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, we can finally start getting out of hyper mode. However, despite the fact that sale holidays are over, we can still continue to rejoice over great deals that happen to be available for extended periods of time. Take for example these great CD rates from First American Credit Union. Great rates include 1.26% for a 1 year CD, 1.76% for a 3 year CD, and 2.52% for a 5 year CD.

How These Rates Compare

Right now the highest 1 year CD nationally available from banks is 1.15% from CIT Bank. This puts First American Credit Union’s rate higher. CIT Bank also holds the higher rate for 3 year CDs with a 1.54% APY, however, First American CU’s rate is still higher. This also holds true for the 5 year CD rate where the highest nationally available from banks is only at 1.99% from Intervest National Bank.

What’s the Catch?

When we see such great rates, we always end up wondering if there’s a catch somewhere. First of all, we have to remember that the institution offering these rates is a credit union, and not a bank. One issue with credit unions is that they are sometimes restrictive with their membership. According to their website, First American Credit Union’s membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Rock County, WI, Green County, WI, Walworth County, WI or Winnebago County, IL. However, according to one consumer, if you ask their customer representative, the credit union has no requirements for membership. Just open an account with a minimum deposit of $5.

Another thing to notice is that these CD rates are available only for minimum deposits of $50,000 which is relatively a large amount which not everyone may be able to have.

About First American Credit Union

First American Credit Union has its roots in 1933 and was acquired by First Community Federal Credit Union in Michigan by 2010. It currently serves 78,500 members and it has 16 operating branches.

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