It does pay to be punctual on your monthly dues. Discover Motiva Card is the perfect credit card partner for those who never fail to make on time payments. And because of this good credit management, you may get big cash-back bonuses for doing so.

Good Credits Finish First

When you get your very own Discover Motiva Card, you get to enjoy many benefits.

For the cash rewards, you automatically get 5% in interest charges for every month that you make on-time payments. This bonus will be automatically shown on your next month’s billing statement. This interest charge is variable, depending on the APR, payments, and current balance.

On other purchases, you may earn up to 1% in cash back bonuses. However, the annual total of all such purchases must exceed $3,000 in order to get this reward. For any other purchases made before reaching this given amount, a cash back bonus of 0.25% is given. The same reward is given to purchases from exclusive and partner warehouses, such as discount stores, warehouse clubs, or wholesale distributors.

Another way for you to earn cash bonuses is by shopping at their affiliated online mall. There are about 157 partner stores to choose from. This bonus can go as high as 5-20%. There is no expiration date for the points you earn, but you must make sure the account is kept active for 18 consecutive months. Otherwise, your rewards will be forfeited. The same consequence will be given if payments for two billing periods are not made.

If you do not wish to withdraw this cash bonus, you can use it for some other purpose. Use the rewards to get yourself a gift certificate, give to charity, or buy Partner gift cards and merchandise.

As a Discover Motiva Card member, you get to enjoy zero annual fees, as well as a low 3% balance transfer fee for outside transactions.

The introductory APR is 0% for the first 15 months. This increases to the variable standard of 10.99%-19.99% thereafter. This is the same offer they give out for Balance transfer APRs. The variable APR depends on your credit standing and worthiness.

The due date for paying the fees is 25 days from the release of the billing statement. But as mentioned, if you meet this deadline earlier than you should, the cash back bonus is all yours.

This is the perfect card for all the early-birds out there. If you’re good with credit, the Discover Motiva Card will reward you more than you’ll ever know.

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