Mortgages are vital to anyone who’s looking to acquire a new home. With the heavy prices of real estate, not all of us can afford to pay cash to get a new house. This is the reason why families choose to turn to banks or other financial establishments that can help them get the financing they need. One place to get a good loan is Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo has been providing several financial services to many Americans ever since they began. They are one of the leading and largest financial institutions in America which reflects stability and good service. With all the problems people are facing right now especially with their finances, it is just right that they find the right help they need. Many American families would go to Wells Fargo in order for them to get the right mortgage rates and loans.

As of today, the rates they have are quite competitive. For the 30 year fixed mortgage term, the rate is 3.750% with an APR or the annual percentage rate of 3.801%. While for the 15 year fixed term, the rate is 3.040% with an APR of 3.132%. Other terms they have for the adjustable rates include the 10/1 with an APR of 3.331% and a rate of 3.220%. For the 7/1, the rate is 2.670% and the APR is 3.101%. The 5/1 on the other hand has the rate of 2.560% with the APR of 3.142%. The last term is the 3/1 with APR of 3.581% and the rate of 4.060%.

With these rates, those who want to apply for a mortgage loan will base their decisions from these. They will have to choose the right term in order for them not to have problems in the future especially with their their payments. People will surely find what they are looking for at Wells Fargo.

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