Do you want to save enough money and let it earn the right interest? Well, its likely the answer is yes. Who would not want to just set aside their money to find it increase in value without lifting a finger? For those who really want to save the right way then what they can do is open a certificate of deposit account. Almost all banks offer this kind of service because it’s useful to customerig who are looking for a safe place to invest their cash. They would want to be assured that what they put and save in the bank is secured and safe at the same time. To those who want the best bank then they can instantly choose Bank of America.

Bank of America is known all over the world because it is a stable bank backed by huge assets. People nationwide trust this bank fully since they can find the different financial services that they need. Some of the services and products they offer is not just about certificate of deposits but also includes loans, mortgages, credit cards, personal and company investments, insurances, rent, and many more. You name it, they definitely got it.

Features and Terms

For their certificate of deposit, the minimum amoutheta open is $1,000. The terms are customizable which means that the account holders will be able to choose different periods from 28 days which is the shortest to as long as ten years. In terms of rates, the interest rate for the 28-89 days is 0.25% with the same percentage of APY. For the 90- 179 days certificate of deposit, the interest rate and APY or annual percentage yield is 0.28%. On the other hand, an interest rate and APY of 0.30% is for the 6-11 months term while 0.35% is the APY and interest rate for the 12-17 months period. And the last is the 24-35 months term with an APY of 0.40% and an interest rate of 0.40%.

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