Opening a certificate of deposit is one of the safest and easiest ways to grow your money. Those who have extra cash at hand can be comfortable in the thought that their hard earned money is growing in interest without the risk of being lost. Certificate of deposits are offered by many banks and other financial institutions. People who are interested can immediately inquire the available terms and minimum deposits. In this way, it will be so much easier for them to open and start their CD investment.

One bank that people can go to is First Interstate Bank. This is a multi-state company that is worth $7.1 billion. Its main headquarters is located in Billings, Montana and has been evolving since the year 1968. First Interstate Bank strives to provide the best services through their high performance capacities and capabilities. The customers of this bank can surely attest to what the offers are in terms financial services and just like any other possible clients, those who want to have certificate of deposits should open here.

Certificate of Deposits

Investing in this kind of special saving is a good way to maximize one’s finances. Those who want to open certificate of deposits should start by choosing the right term. A minimum amount of $1,000 is required in opening an account for the CD terms of 3-60 months and for the 1-2 month term, the required minimum amount is $10,000. Those who will choose the term of seven months will have a rate of 0.40% as well as the annual percentage yield or the APY. For the 12 months term, the APY as well as the interest rate is 0.60%. Next is the 25 month certificate of deposit term with an APY and rate of 0.75%. And lastly is the 37 month term with rate and APY of 0.90%. These rates have been well updated by First Interstate Bank which will prove that they want their clients to be satisfied with the services they have especially in terms of certificates of deposits.

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