Rewards from credit offers come in many forms, but what reigns superior these days is a card that allows its customers to personalize the bonus they will be getting. Bank of America certainly knows the market in these type of cards, and this is why they have come up with the Power Rewards Visa Credit.

More Options, More Choices

The features of the Power Rewards card are essentially similar to other rewards card. For every daily spending, you get designated points. Whether you spend money on gas, groceries, home repairs, cellphones, or food establishments, you’re sure to have points added in your name. The incentives range according to your purchases. Groceries earn you 2% of the value of each cash back bonus, while gas gives you 3%. All other purchases give only 1%.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can use them to redeem rewards of your choice. Shopaholics can use the points to browse through the Power Rewards mall. For the generous-at-heart, purchasing gift cards can be another option. And of course, back-packers and business travelers will be delighted to know that they can avail airfare and hotel privileges just by accumulating enough points. If you’re getting a little short on cash, then changing your points into money can be done. You can either choose to withdraw the amount for any immediate need, or it can be automatically transferred to your account.

Rates and Charges

The Power Rewards card offers a zero introductory rate for the first use. After this period, the APR for purchases will be decided base don your credit worthiness. This can range from 12.99% up to 20.99%. The value on the market Prime rate will also be considered.

As a bonus, the cardholder will also get to enjoy zero APR for balance transfers in the first year, after which the credit will be evaluated for the fixed APR every year thereafter. Cash advances have an APR of 20.99% for every direct deposit as well as check cash advances. On the other hand, an APR of 24.99% is fixed upon Bank cash advances.

Paying the monthly dues must be done within 25 days from receiving the bank statement. Like most cards in the rewards category, it offers zero-liability on unauthorized transactions.

With its fair rates and a wide range of rewards options to choose from, the Power Rewards Visa card is the perfect way of getting the most out of any credit card.