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For those people who want to establish their credit worthiness they should look for a credit card that helps build and rebuild credit history. People who have maxed out their previous cards and who may have incurred several delayed payments may suffer from a low credit score. This can seriously affect future interest rates and loanable amounts for different loans and mortgages resulting in heavy payments. However, everyone deserves a second chance and thats where First Interstate Bank’s VISA Secured Credit Card comes in.

First Interstate Bank’s VISA Secured card is perfect for those individuals who want to rebuild their credit as well as those who want to establish it. People will be able to make use of this card because they can have it even if they had no credit history in the past or even if they have a bad credit history. This will be their stepping stone in getting other forms of credit finances. The Visa Secured credit card by First Interstate Bank also offers a secured certificate of deposit which is actually established by the customer or owner of the account. This kind of card can also be backed up with any type of savings account which will turn out to be the collateral.

Its annual percentage rate or APR for balance transfers and purchases is 16.25% with a 24.25% APR for cash advances. The annual percentage rate will vary on the market prime rate. On the other hand, the annual fee for this credit card is $39 all in all including the other services and charges. To those who want to apply and get this card, they should not hesitate to visit any branch of First Interstate Bank. It is very easy for people to apply to such card just as long as they know they are qualified.

IFirst Interstate Bank’s Secured card is one of the best in the nation today. It does not only allow people to spend but it will also allow them to rebuild credit worthiness.

Credit cards give consumers purchasing power may it be through instant credit purchases or through cash advances. This is one of the reasons why credit cards are essential in this day and age. When money is tight, credit cards offer a way to stretch your budget in an instant and you can be worry free until more cash comes at hand. Aside from giving instant cash, credit cards are also filled with perks and rewards offering you more value for your money. If you are looking for another credit card to apply for then you should check out what First Interstate Bank has to offer.

About First Interstate Bank

First Interstate Bank is one of the finest banks in the nation with over $7.1 billion in assets. They have more than 71 branches nationwide with over 100 ATMs that their clients can instantly get access to. Some of their famous branches are located in Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Others who want to transact with the bank in convenience can also check their online site where all questions will be answered instantly. People will really be able to get hold of financial assistance when they will inquire with First Interstate Bank just like in terms of their credit cards. One of the famous cards they have that many people are applying for is the VISA Platinum First Rewards Card.

All About the VISA Platinum First Rewards Card

Many people are applying for VISA Platinum First Rewards Card because of the points they will earn when they will make purchases. For a dollar spent using their credit cards, they will earn a point that they can redeem whenever they have enough of it. In terms of rates, a 3.99% introductory APR is offered for the first six months and after that the APR will be 7.25% to 19.25% depending on the card holder’s creditworthiness. This is already a good rate compared to other credit cards in the market today.