Living a comfortable life in the future is highly determined by the amount of money you’ve saved up and earned for yourself in the past. One of the smartest ways to let your money earn more while still keeping yourself secure is by investing in certificates of deposit. And where else better to get a high earning CD than with American Bank.

Quick Glance at American Bank

American Bank is known all over the nation and is considered to be one of the finest financial institutions around the globe especially with regards to the financial services they offer to their valued customers. They have operations in around 40 countries and have clients from more than 150 countries worldwide. With their reputation and scope, its not hard to transact business with American Bank.

Standard Certificate of Deposits

American Bank offers a wide variety of terms for their certificate of deposits but the rates will depend mostly on the deposited amount. An example deposited amount often ranges from $10,000 to $24,999. For the shorter terms of 28 days to 11 months, the CD interest rate and the annual percentage yield or APY are 0.15%. For the 12 months to 17 months, the APY and the rate is 0.20% while 0.35% for both the APY and interest rate for the 24 to 35 month CD. There is also the 48 to 59 month CD with an APY and interest rate of 0.55% and for the longest term which is the 120 months, the annual percentage yield and interest rate is 0.75%.

These rates change depending on the fluctuations of the market. It is then important to lock into a rate while it still gives the biggest yields.