Today, people have become more aware on how important it is to save money. Because of inflation and the unstable economy, people are becoming more careful with their money, and they are realizing how important it is to always have something in their pockets and most especially in their bank accounts to call their own. This is the reason why many people are flocking towards certificates of deposits because they are making their money work faster especially when they choose the right CD rates. So what bank should they select in opening a certificate of deposit? Well, they should try out what Citi Bank has to offer.

CITI Bank is one of the best banks in the United States. It is FDIC insured and they are indeed committed to making sure that their client’s personal savings are well protected. Those who are planning to open a CD account may want to try CITI’s Achiever CD because of great rates and flexibility.

The Achiever CD will give their clients’ savings maximum flexibility and potential. When the rates go up the clients will be able to avail of higher rates as well. CITI Bank’s APY for a one year term is 1.08 % as of May 11, 2012 with a minimum deposit of $25,000. Some people might think that it’s a pretty large amount to risk yet it is a very advantageous move to make in terms of finances. CITI Bank’s CD rate is much higher compared to METLife Bank which is only 1.05% and with the same minimum deposit.

Opening a CD account is very easy for those who are interested; they can even do it online since this requires little effort and requirements. People will just need their social security number, driver’s license or any valid id with photo and a check or bank account number to make the money transfer electronically to the new CITI Bank Achiever account. This is how easy and fast availing of Citi Bank’s Achiever CD is.

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