This is a very rare sight to see but iGObanking has taken over the top spot for the 2 Year CD rate, moving their rate from 1.75% APY to 2.25% APY which is the same rate for their 3 year CD. Could this be a sign of things to come? Will banks start competing again for your money and will iGObanking increase their 3 year CD rate? Only time will tell as we watch this unfold.

iGObanking is a division of Flushing Savings Bank in New York. They beat out Bank of Internet which had the top spot for the 2 year CD at a rate of 1.79% APY. Both require a minimum deposit of only $1,000.

iGOBanking’s 2 year CD rate beats out the highest 3 Year CD and is only a half point less than the highest 5 Year CDs. A rate like this is sure to go fast, so act quickly!

For those who wonder how stable this bank is, they have earned a three out of five star rating from Bankrate’s ratings system.

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