Banking transactions have evolved from having to go to brick and mortar banks to getting the transaction done online. One of the online services many people are enjoying right now is the electronic orange checking account by ING Direct. Before anything else, who is ING Direct?

ING Direct is a financial company in the United States that was purchased by Capital One on February 17, 2012. This is a company that offers online transactions for people and members to save time and effort in their banking transactions. The website and customer service is available 24/7 whether on phone or through email providing convenience to their members. ING Direct is also FDIC insured.

Their services range from loans, mortgages, savings, and electronic checking accounts. And right now, they are offering a $50 bonus for those who will be opening an ING Direct electronic orange checking account.

ING Direct Electric Orange Checking Account

One advantage of the ING Direct Electric Orange Checking account is that it offers a good interest rate. It also does not have fees minimums. You also get to make use of over 35,000 ATMS making sure you can withdraw anytime, anywhere.

So how do you get the $50 bonus after opening a checking account? The process is simple. Just make three card purchases or person to person payments or whatever combination between the two, and make sure to do this within 45 days of opening the account. Once these transactions are done, you can expect the $50 bonus to be automatically credited to your account on day 50. This how easy the whole process is. Try it now.

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