Here’s another credit card that generous on the cash rewards. Credit unions are notorious for having less-than-average interest rates and at times, more desirable rewards. The Golden One is a credit union which offers just that.

What You Can Expect From Platinum Visa Rewards

Low Rates

The yearly APR fee for this card is actually based on one’s credit worthiness. It may go as low as 9.90% or as high as 17.00%.

For balance transfers and cash advances, these average rates are also applicable.

Zero Annual Fee

Now, you can enjoy the use of this card without having to worry about any maintenance fees. Just make sure you pay your dues on time, or else you may incur penalty fees.

These fees vary on the reason for your penalty. Usually, you will be penalized for late payments, making a payment that is returned, or spending more than your credit limit. Up to 22.90% interest will be issued to your card as penalty. This translates to roughly about $15 for late payments and $5 for returned payments in fees.

Transaction fees also apply. This goes for cash advances, foreign transactions, or balance transfers.

Get 1% rebate of purchases

Rebates are surely a good thing, because you get to earn money for spending. In this case, Golden One offers a 1% cash rebate for each purchase from qualified partners. This offer does not include transactions that involve credits purchase or cash advances.

In order to be eligible for this rebate, one must be an active cardholder. He/she must also maintain one regular savings account under Golden One. The minimum balance must be reflected on this account at all times as well.

Take note that not all credit cards from the same credit union have this offer. Only the Platinum Visa card is eligible.

The rebates are typically given to your account after 12 months of incurring. However, if one wishes to close the account before January of the following year after account opening, the rebates will be forfeited.

About Golden One Credit Union

Being a member of The Golden One Credit Union makes you an automatic winner. Why? With all its awards and achievement through its excellence in banking, it has become one of the newest forces of the financial world in the country today. It was recently named Best Credit Union by The Davis Enterprise Reader’s choice for this year. Since 2004, it has been garnering numerous awards as well, making its name a reliable partner in banking.

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