Below you will see the best CD rates for the state of Utah.

We have reviewed and sifted through many banks to find the best local rates Utah, and more specifically Salt Lake City, has to offer.

While with local CD rates you often get the personal touch of a friendly local banker, you may find the rates to be just under the national average.  You can check out our best cd rates to help you determine whether your local cd rates or national cd rates are better.

We determine the “highest” local rates by factoring in the CD rates with their respective term and comparing them to the national average.

Here are Salt Lake City, Utah’s best local CD rates.

6 Month –

  • First Utah Bank – 1.76% APY – Minimum deposit = $500
  • Delta Community Credit Union – 1.50% APY – Minimum deposit = $1,000

12 Month -

  • First Utah Bank – 2.02% APY – Minimum deposit = $500
  • Delta Community Credit Union – 2.00% APY – Minimum deposit = $1,000
  • Home Savings Bank – 2.00% APY – Minimum deposit = $1,000

24 Month -

  • Hudson City Savings Bank – 2.50% APY – Minimum deposit of $5,000
  • First Financial Bank – 2.50% APY – Minimum deposit = $5,000

All of the banks listed are FDIC or NCUA insured.

Remember CD rates are time sensitive.  Please check with the financial institution for current rates and more details.  Refer to the date of this article for probable accuracy of cd rates.

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