Alliant Credit Union is currently offering an APY for a 1 year CD that’s hard to resist. Their 1 yr CD is boasting a 1.20% APY for balances below $25,000, and a rate of 1.30% for balances above $25,000. The credit union is also offering juicy rates on a 2 year CD, with 1.60% APY on $25,000 and below balances, and 1.70% APY on a $25,000 and above balance. Below is a summary of their CD rates with different terms.

Alliant Credit Union CD Rates Chart

*12-17 months – 1.20/1.30 % APY
*18-23 months – 1.45/1.55 % APY
*24-35 months – 1.60/1.70 % APY
*36-47 months – 1.80/1.90 % APY
*48-60 months – 2.10/2.20 % APY

(First rate for balances below $25,000 and second rate for balances above $25,000)

The Alliant CD Advantage

Aside from offering great rates, one of the good things about Alliant’s CD rates is that they have more flexible terms. Meaning, if you want to keep your money in the CD for just a little more than 1 year, you can do so without having to lock in you money for an extra year.

How the Rates Compare

The highest nationally available for 1 year CDs in banks is 1.15% from Popular Bank and Doral Bank. This rate is slightly lower than what Alliant Credit Union is offering. Alliant’s 2 year CD is also much higher than the highest available from banks which is only 1.30% from CIT Bank. This also rings true for the 5 year CD since the bank’s highest is from Discover Bank and Intervest Bank at 2.00%. However, State Department Federal Credit Union is offering a higher 5 year CD at 2.42%.


Credit Unions usually have limited membership. In this case, the union serves those who are employees or members of qualifying organizations, and those who lives or works in Chicagoland Community. However, it is possible to become a member of Alliant Credit Union by becoming a donor to Foster Care of Success, an organization that caters to the needs of foster teens around the USA who are “aging out” of the foster care system. You can join the FCS by simply making a donation of $10 or more. After becoming a member of the FCS, you can then use Alliant’s online membership application.

About Alliant Credit Union

Alliant currently ranks 6th as the largest credit union in the country. It serves over 280,000 members worlwide and holds over $7 billion in assets. Their fiscally conservative policy has allowed the union to give out $172 million in dividends to its members and capital reserves now exceed $638 million. Alliant Credit Union was formed on October 26, 1935.

With the stability of the credit union and the competitiveness of rates plus easy membership, this credit union is worth looking into.

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